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Chocolate Coffee Cupcakes

27 Mar

You’d think that anyone who loves cupcakes as much as I do would have made them at least once. Right? RIGHT?! Yet, thinking about it earlier this week, as I walked by yet another tempting cupcake store (and bravely resisted the temptation to buy one), I realized that I never have! Not. One. Single. Time.

Which, really, is scandalous. And a situation that I felt the need to rectify at once. Or as soon as possible. Like today. And, since I had some dark chocolate covered espresso beans, which would make a delicious topping, Chocolate Coffee Cupcakes it was.

Chocolate Coffee Cupcakes

As I clearly am a novice at cupcake making (first time!), I decided to hunt the interwebs for a delicious cupcake recipe to try…

I found one here, from A Baked Creation. Since I basically followed their recipe/instructions exactly on this first effort (minus adding some salt and ground coffee to the frosting), I’ll just link to their recipe. Of course, their frosting looks *much* prettier than my semi-falling apart and separating version… Still delicious, though!

And, soon enough, there will only be this many left….

Last Chocolate Coffee Cupcake