This and that

14 Sep

I’ve been spending the last few days doing some canning… finishing up my tomato canning (30 pints this season!), and trying out a new peach recipe (slices with maple syrup and a touch of sherry).  Each year, I get more and more into it.  And, each winter, when it’s cold and dreary out, I am more and more excited to have the treat of opening up such wonderfully summer items.  Yay!

Of course, with such fun full-day cooking activities, comes the realization that the last thing I want to do is cook more for dinner.  Which is when such simple dishes like the one below come in so handy.  One pot boiling water?  Check.  Three ingredients (green beans, potatoes, and whole wheat pasta) that all cook in the same pot?  Check.  Container of pesto and some quickly grated cheese?  Check.  And, in 30 minutes, I am done.  Love it.

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